That we might be protected from predators

SF Gate – March 13, 2014
Kristopher Brown, who you might see pedaling around San Francisco from mid-February to the end of October, has worked for Pestec for about four years, since he came to the city. If you want to know about the city’s geography, he’s the guy to ask; he knows all its streets and alleys. Kristopher rides to work every day, and rides at work every day

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Company Attacks Pests with Green Techniques

NPR – November 15, 2007
Methods utilized to get rid of pests can be scarier than the actual pests themselves.

In San Francisco, however, that’s changing. Instead of toxic sprays, one pest control company employs dogs, birth control and other innovative methods to root out pesky critters.

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Affinities: The Buzz Killers

SF Magazine – September 10, 2015
San Francisco’s Mosquito Abatement Courier team—otherwise known as MAC—is not your typical bike gang. Clad in neon vests and Chrome shorts, toting panniers packed with larvicide and yard-long application wands, its members pedal 20 miles a day.

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These Colorful Dots Are For Your Health

KQED – April 6, 2017
You know when you first notice something, and then you can’t ever “unnotice” it? A year ago that happened to Zak Brazen when he noticed a pattern in several local communities. He asked Bay Curious …

“Why are there colorful dots above the drainage system? And who puts them there?”

The dots are located above storm drains around the Bay Area, usually on curbs. They’re spray-painted layer upon colorful layer and look like a work of abstract art.

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