San Francisco Wasterwater Enterprise Mosquito Abatement Storm Drain Program

Since the Emergency Public Health Declaration of 2005 for West Nile Virus, the SF WastewaterEnterprise Mosquito Storm Drain Program has been in effect. The program includes monitoring and treating storm drains to prevent the emergence of adult mosquitoes.

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The Mosquito Abatement Courier Team

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As part of the City and County of San Francisco’s Green Purchasing efforts, the Mosquito Abatement Courier Team treats the citywide combined sewer system storm drains throughout San Francisco streets to prevent mosquitoes and protect the health of residents and visitors.

The work is human-powered to reduce our footprint in the atmosphere and our space here on the ground. The treatments made in the city’s storm drains are target specific and reduced-risk to the team, the community, and the Bay.

Learn more about this year’s mosquito season and how we’re combatting these pests.

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