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Spring 2019

Summer 2019

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This map is brought to you by Pestec, a San Francisco pest control exterminator.

Since 2005, the Mosquito Abatement Courier Team has been painting a dot on the curbs above storm drains throughout San Francisco. These dots are there to tell you, the public, as well as our partners at San Francisco Public Utilities Commission – Wastewater Enterprise and the San Francisco Department of Public Health that the basin was inspected and treated. We have launched this new map to better inform the public and to seek assistance in improving this service.

Search for your neighborhood on the map below and help us confirm that we have treated the storm drains in your neighborhood. The dot above the drain should match the color shown on the map. If you believe your drain has not been inspected please fill out the unserviced storm drain form.

Summer 2019 = Green

Fall 2019 = Purple